Author: Jon Prezant

An image of a committed gay couple in a New York City apartment, holding each other tenderly in bed. Their faces reflect determination and hope as they seek to rekindle their sexual intimacy. There is an underlying theme of anticipation for their upcoming session at Gay Couples Therapy in NYC, pointing towards their commitment to improve and strengthen their relationship.
Gay Couples Therapy NYC
Reigniting the Flame: From Dead Bedroom to Love Sanctuary

A Personal Guide for LGBTQ+ Couples Introduction: Embracing the Challenges of Cohabitation Ready to join an insightful journey exploring the intricate, exciting, and occasionally challenging

Gay Couples Therapy NYC
Types of Kinks for Queer Couples

Navigating kink, sexual diversity, and fetish can be challenging in any relationship. For queer couples, it could be particularly challenging if we’ve experienced trauma related

What to do if your husband doesn't want to have sex
Husband or boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex?

​Managing differences is one of the most challenging aspects of a romantic relationship. We struggle in relationships to understand and accept “otherness” in those we