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Meet Your Relationship's Cheerleaders -- Our Squad of Licensed Couples Therapists are like Maestros in the Symphony of LGBTQ+ Couples' Needs.

Welcome back to the bustling energy of New York City! Life post-pandemic is full of new twists and turns, especially for you, the vibrant LGBTQ+ couples out there. Ever felt like the daily grind – be it managing an open relationship, a monogamous bond, or just figuring out who does the dishes – has added a few extra layers to your love story?

You’re not alone if you’ve noticed those tiny cracks in your relationship starting to look like grand canyons. What used to be your cozy love nest might now seem like a maze, leaving you wondering, “Where did the spark go?”

Caught yourself questioning the strength of your bond lately? If the thought of feeling more trapped than cherished in your partnership crosses your mind, take a deep breath. You’re definitely not the only one feeling this way.

In today’s world, where headlines seem like roller coasters and challenges for LGBTQ+ relationships pop up at every turn, it’s totally normal for your relationship to feel the strain.

Thinking about seeking some guidance for your relationship? You’ve hit the jackpot by landing here!

Let’s turn those canyons back into stepping stones, hand in hand. Welcome to a space where your love finds the strength to flourish again!

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Your Love Story Deserves to Shine. Let's Reignite your original spark and Build a Relationship where love, safety and understanding take center stage.

GayCouplesTherapy is not your cookie-cutter couples therapy. Our therapists offer a tested and trusted program, uniquely tailored to give you and your partner the stepping stones you need to reconstruct your love story, one heartfelt stride at a time.

Let's Rediscover the Melody that Once Harmonized Your Hearts.

Do you remember the beautiful beginning of your love story, that enchanting melody of falling head over heels for each other? It was like a sweet symphony, wasn’t it?

Well, guess what? That melody can play again!

Introducing our “Loving at Your Best Plan” – your ticket to tuning your relationship back to its harmonious start. As the premier LGBTQ+ couples therapy in New York, we blend multiple top-notch, evidence-based approaches with our highly skilled therapists. Our goal? To rekindle the flame of your love.

Get ready for a transformative journey with our “Loving at Your Best Plan.” Here, six groundbreaking models come together to reshape and harmonize your relationship:

  1. Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Say goodbye to destructive patterns and hello to improved communication. This method is our maestro in orchestrating effective conflict resolution.
  2. Emotionally Focused Therapy: Dive deeper into emotional intimacy and forge a stronger, more secure bond with your partner.
  3. Schema Therapy for Couples: It’s time to identify and transform those persistent negative patterns that might be straining your love.
  4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Challenge and change unhelpful thinking and behavior to bring about positive shifts in your relationship.
  5. Mindfulness: Boost your understanding of each other’s thoughts and feelings, fostering empathy and a deeper connection.
  6. Sex Therapy: Whatever your relationship’s style, we utilize a mix of sex therapy techniques to nurture a healthier, more satisfying sexual connection.

Each method is carefully tailored in our “Love at Your Best Plan” to resonate with the unique rhythms and experiences of LGBTQ+ couples in the vibrant setting of New York City. Let’s make your love story sing again!

Keeping the flame of love alive isn’t some mysterious puzzle – it’s a beautiful blend of art and science, revealing the secrets to a long-lasting relationship.

This symphony of love isn’t exclusive to straight couples; it’s our masterpiece, crafted to create a harmonious relationship that truly resonates with you.

Together, let’s uncover and reawaken the melody of your love. Let’s transform your relationship into a harmonious and enduring masterpiece.

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Meet Our Team of Expert Therapists at

Travis Atkinson LCSW Director Gay Couples Therapy
Travis Atkinson
John Prezant
Jon Prezant
Paul Chiariello
Tiffany Goldberg

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Empower Your Love: NYC's Premier Therapy for LGBTQ+ Couples Tailored Just For You!

Get Ready for Quick, Impactful Changes: Many couples start seeing noticeable improvements right from their first session. That’s the power of our approach – rapid and transformative results to reignite your relationship.

Embrace Tailored, Advanced Therapy: We’re not about one-size-fits-all solutions. Our gay couples therapy is structured, contemporary, and based on the latest research. It’s all about meeting your unique needs and helping your love thrive.

Experience the Support of Our Expert, Compassionate Team: Our therapists aren’t just highly skilled – they specialize in LGBTQ+ couples therapy. We’re here to understand, honor, and support your journey with deep empathy and expertise.

Imagine the Possibilities: Uncover the Potential of Your Relationship with Us Today!

  • Turn Tensions into Tenderness: Boost your communication skills and transform every disagreement into a chance for deeper connection and understanding with your partner or spouse.

  • Relight the Fire: Dive back into the depths of passion, intimacy, and romance that first brought you together. It’s time to rediscover and reignite those sparks that make your relationship special.

  • Build a Love That Lasts: Focus on repairing and nurturing your emotional bond. Foster a relationship built on enduring love and mutual respect, where both partners feel valued and cherished.

  • Dream and Grow as a Duo: Embark on a journey to identify and support each other’s aspirations. Together, create and nurture a shared vision for your future, strengthening the bond of your relationship.

  • Escape the Cycle of Old Habits: Learn strategies to break free from recurring patterns that hinder your relationship’s growth. Pave the way for a fresher, healthier, and more joyful partnership.

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Gay Couples Therapy: Who We Are

The Loving at Your Best Plan for LGBTQ+ Couples

The Founder and Director of GayCouplesTherapy is Travis Atkinson, LCSW.​

Meet Travis Atkinson, LCSW, LICSW: The heart and soul of and the mastermind behind the Loving at Your Best Plan.

Travis stands out as a highly accomplished professional in his field. He is a Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist, a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and Supervisor, and an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, Supervisor, and Trainer for Individuals and Couples. His comprehensive certifications speak to his deep expertise and commitment to couples therapy.

His lifelong dedication to serving couples and training other therapists culminates in the innovative Loving at Your Best Plan. Travis’s significant contributions are also evident in his role as an author in ‘Creative Methods in Schema Therapy: Advanced and Innovation in Clinical Practice’ (Routledge, 2020).

Travis further distinguishes himself with his participation alongside Sue Johnson in the first-ever training video for Emotionally Focused Therapy for Gay and Lesbian Couples, underscoring his expertise in LGBTQ+ couples therapy.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Travis was honored with the prestigious Honorary Lifetime Member award by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) in 2020, among numerous other accolades.

Travis’s blend of exceptional expertise, empathy, and dedication makes him a renowned and trusted ally for LGBTQ+ couples seeking to enhance their relationships.

Travis’s expertise in various therapy models, combined with a compassionate approach, guides our team of seasoned psychotherapists, including Senior Clinician Paul Chiariello, LMSW, Sex Therapist Jon Prezant, LMSW, and Couples Specialist Tiffany Goldberg, LMSW.

Together, we are committed to applying these proven interventions to empower LGBTQ+ couples in enhancing their love relationships. Book your appointment today for a transformative journey!

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Please note, clients must be physically located in a state where our therapists are licensed during the session:

  • For New York physical location during session, Travis, Paul, Tiffany, or Jon are available.
  • If you are physically present in Vermont during the session, you can connect with Travis, Tiffany or Jon.
  • Jon is ready to assist those physically located in New Jersey and Massachusetts during the session.

If you are physically present outside of these states during a session, we encourage you to check if that state allows reciprocity for mental healthcare services for licensed social workers in New York, Vermont, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Please be mindful that laws address physical location during a session, not where you reside. We’re committed to providing you with the care you deserve, wherever you are, following licensing laws by state.

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