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Gay Couples Therapy NYC
The Rules for Gay Couples in Open Relationships

Traditional societal norms have prescribed that monogamy is the only acceptable type of romantic relationship. However, in recent decades, the LGBTQ+ community has been at

Gay Couples Therapy NYC
What Challenges Do LGBTQ Couples Face?

Are couples in marriages of love relationships in the New York LGBTQ+ community facing different challenges than their straight counterparts? New York City is known

Gay Couples Therapy NYC
Top Warning Signs of an Affair

An affair is painful for any relationship, including LGBTQ+ couples. They can break trust, hurt people, and have effects that last for a long time.

Gay Couples Therapy NYC
Types of Kinks for Queer Couples

Navigating kink, sexual diversity, and fetish can be challenging in any relationship. For queer couples, it could be particularly challenging if we’ve experienced trauma related